Papua New Guinea

Map Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.


Martie & Cliff Hellar


This is a picture of one of our Christian men with men of the Bu'u area where Ray and Cheryl (our daughter and son-in-law) work. This is a remote area in the Gulf Province without a single believer. The work is new so please pray for them.

These men meet every Saturday. Most of them are the pastors and teachers of the churches. Some others come for teaching who do not have the gift of teaching but desire to be instructed in the Word. Some are new believers who are learning and we trust after growth in the Lord will be able to teach others.

Two or three men are unbelievers but desire to hear the Word so they, too, come. There are a few children who jumped in, too, to get their picture taken. Many come long distances, up to 9 miles away, so they have hours of hiking in the mountains every Saturday as they travel both ways in one day.

This is taken from our house looking to the South. This is the view we have from our living and dining area. Beautiful, isn't it? The dirt road in the middle of the picture going on from our house goes into another tribal group, the Gimi, beyond where we live.

Left - I took this picture from just above the garage from our 4 wheel drive vehicle. Martie and I live in the small house in the center of the picture. The large two story house on the left is not occupied now. When our children were with us we lived in that house. So if any one wants to visit us we have an empty house for them.

Top Right - Our house is in the middle of the picture. The edge of our property that we lease from the government begins where our driveway, that brown ground, begins. Our lease rent yearly is about U.S. $ 15 for a little over 4 acres.

Bottom Right - This group is our newest church. The two pastors are the man in the white shirt who is kneeling and the man in the black shirt who is standing. This church is only a mile from our home.

From Left to Right

Left - These are mostly pastors and teachers who meet every Saturday.

Center - This is taken on the road going to our house from the North. I had preached at a village and Kenny, a friend, was walking back with me. He is unsaved but continues to hear the Word. Do pray for him.

Right - This is looking down into the valley and across the river from us. The village in the picture has a strong church with many believers. Other houses of the village are hidden in the trees.